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Author Topic: New Lunt Solar Scope - Review??  (Read 2774 times)

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New Lunt Solar Scope - Review??
« on: 17:41:51, 02 October, 2008 »
Anyone in a position to do a UKAI review on the new Lunt scopes???
I believe they are beginning to be delivered.
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Re: New Lunt Solar Scope - Review??
« Reply #1 on: 21:05:29, 03 October, 2008 »
Brian and I posted this on Cloudy Nights in mid-Sept....

"Well Brian's (Solar B) patience has paid off and he took delivery of his LS60 scope with BF1200 on Friday. A clear sky this morning (14/09) brought Brian over from Fife to my home in Edinburgh. Seeing wasn't great but we managed to put the scope through its paces.

First impressions are good. It's a well built and finished (nice pearlescent white paint), solid scope! A good quality case too. We swapped the included clamshell for my WO90mm ones and they fitted a treat. On to my mount and on to the Sun...

First impressions were a bright evenly illuminated disc with clear surface detail and some nice small proms. The view got better as the scope heated up. We both thought the etalon adjustment wheel was a bit vague - it was difficult to tell if it was making any difference.

Focusing the Lunt was pretty easy with the draw tube / crayford combination. The Telescope Service 1:10 focuser is well made and smooth but doesn't rotate. Brian noticed a bit of play between the draw tube and the BF1200 but this wasn't a problem when the scope was in use. In fact it just needed tightened by hand"

Following on from that, about a week later I took delivery of my LST60/B600. Build quality was on a par with Brian's although there's a bit of white overspray inside my scope's tube. I bought an ETX90 flexi-dew shield and did some Blue Peter adjustments to it so there should little stray light hitting the lens and bouncing off the white. Attached are a couple of images taken with my scope. I like the focuser and the micro adjustment is nice and smoooth.

I'm pleased with my purchase, it's a real step up from my SM40 and without a central obstruction it'll give the bigger Cornado's a run for their money! It's just a shame that the Solar season is all but over here in Scotland  >:(


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