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Author Topic: Coronado PST H-alpha Images, 12th to 17th May 2009  (Read 2056 times)

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Coronado PST H-alpha Images, 12th to 17th May 2009
« on: 18:47:31, 19 May, 2009 »

Here are a few of my PST photographs imaged between 12th to 17th MAY 2009.

These were taken with my 40mm PST, with x2 Barlow and SPC900NC Webcam.

I am looking to modify my PST to increase its aperture to around 80mm - 102mm. Ideally, the tube of new scope would not need to be 'cut down' in any way. Much appreciated if anyone could help with suggestions of suitable telescopes for the mod and also info of the cost of any additional parts (ERF) that would be required.

My thanks to Nick Howes who has suggested an 80mm Vixen A80MF with Baader D-ERF and I would be delighted to hear from others who have also successfully modded their PST.

Active H-alpha Region (with graticule overlay). 12 May 2009, 16:22UT

Active H-alpha Region. 15 May 2009, 14:19UT

Active H-alpha Region (high magnification) 15 May 2009, 14:19UT

Active H-alpha Region. 16 May 2009, 13:59UT

Prominences and Active H-alpha Region. 17 May 2009, 11:52UT
40mm PST, x2 Barlow and SPC900NC

Active H-alpha Region (high magnification) 17 May 2009, 11:52UT

The above photo's were made using HandyAVI to capture two monochrome AVI movies. The first is exposed for the prominences and the second exposure adjusted for the disk features.

Each movie contains 300 frames which are then stacked using Registax5 and wavelets are applied. Adjustments are then made to the prominence photo using Photoshop Elements 4 to create a good contrast image with almost black background and nice red prominences. The disk layer is then contrast and colour adjusted then cut-and-pasted on top of the prominence image as a new layer. Finally, the layers are flattened and the final composite image saved.

I also use Neat Image (freeware version) which I've installed as a filter in Photoshop for enhancing the high magnification images. Neat Image can also be downloaded as a standalone program.

Hopefully if I am able to modify my PST to increase its aperture I can squeeze out perhaps four times as much detail. It's certainly a project I'd like to try.

Kindest regards,

8" Meade SCT. Coronado 40mm PST.

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Re: Coronado PST H-alpha Images, 12th to 17th May 2009
« Reply #1 on: 19:07:19, 19 May, 2009 »
I'd second the recommendation of the Vixen and the Baader ERF. An f10 system is best.
If you upgrade the focuser to 2" then you'll probably have to cut back the telescope tube to achive the design 200mm back focus for the PST etalon.
I've currently got three "mods" on the go with others here in the UK and Australia.......
C11, C9.25 SCT, 4" Genesis, NEQ6pro, modded 1000D,  ATik314L+, DMK41AF04, SM60DS/BF15, and Spectroscopes (many!).
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