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Author Topic: coronado pst first light.  (Read 1361 times)

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coronado pst first light.
« on: 16:19:44, 04 April, 2010 »
I have just bought a pst and thought i would post my first impressions.
Well were do i start.....The pst i found very user friendly in the respect it has only two moving parts the focuser and the etalon adjusting colar i also liked the sol ranger finder very nice idea.
I put the pst on a heq5 lined up the sun with the finder and looked through the eye piece to see a orangey red glow i started to focus and nothing mmmmmm i adjust the mount and hay presto the sun popped into view i must have been trying to focus the glow from the sun any way after achieving focus i had a play with the etalon tuning ring and there was a lovely big prominence i popped in my teleview 2.5 and i was bowled over with the sight of my first prom (looks a really big one too).
I soon appreciated the importance of no cloud as while i was viewing a few clouds rolled in i would liken the view to looking through a dewed up scope, as the cloud moved out the view became nice and crisp again.I tried to do a bit of imaging with my dmk wich i havent used before and i should try to familiarize my self with really so if some one can point me in the way of the right settings for solar use would be great as i only achieved a view that had a huge glow around it and not really in focus.But the cloud had a lot to do with it as i didn't have much time between them to focus or play around with the settings before they obscured the sun from view.Over all i enjoyed viewing the sun for the first time in ha the pst gave vice views of the prom as for imaging totally cloudless day i guess until im more familiar with the settings and what is need to achieve focus.

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Re: coronado pst first light.
« Reply #1 on: 19:31:50, 04 April, 2010 »
Hey Chris - great to hear you've joined the PST club and sounds like you had some good views of the prom that's on show at the mo.

Regarding getting the DMK into focus you may have to remove the BF/EP holder extention !  It's the bit that has a collar and screws into the top of the black box.  You will see that the bit that the eye piece fits into is in two halves... you may need to remove the bottom bit if that makes sense.  It is normally held in with Loctite but just heat it up with a hair dryer then unscrew it using an alligator wrench (plastic) or the like !

Once you've taken off the bottom bit the top EP holder (which has a blocking filter at the bottom) will screw straight into the black box and you should then be able to get the DMK to come to focus !

Look forward to seeing your first images !


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