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Author Topic: Prototype automated telescope dust cover  (Read 1020 times)

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Prototype automated telescope dust cover
« on: 18:14:21, 16 November, 2016 »
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Been working on this project during the summer months. I wanted a fully automated observatory for the last 3 years since buying a pulsar dome.Over the last 2 years I design and made the hardware
for the dome shutter and installed a rain sensor to close the shutter when needed. I spent 2015/16 developing the software to move the dome and keep it tracking with the scope and a fully automated
closed down procedure when the last image was taken ( or when its rains ). The last thing was to design a automated dust cap. I used a arduino to control the software ( using VB to program it ) , a 12v geared motor and a torque sensor . The cover is made from 4 mm correx and 3 mm acrylic sheet. The acrylic was used for a ridged frame and the correx to reduce the weight. The motor housing, arduino box , central circle and motor arm was printed on a 3D printer using ABS . The program to control it is stand alone but I combined it with my "PLEIADES DOME CONTROL" software so one program is used to open and shut down the dome. Once the automated shut down is activated the close down procedure is as follows : Telescope park , Camera warm (takes 5 mins) , dust cover closed , shutter closed , dome parked ,disconnect camera and scope and finally dehumidifier on. The dust cover automatically opens every 30 mins for 1 minute to prevent dew on the mirror . This is a test unit to see how it performs in really life but so far I am really happy as I know once I go to bed I can let the observatory do its thing and be assured the all equipment is well protected. all comments are welcome to how to improve on this.


Youtude video of the dust cap in action :
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Re: Prototype automated telescope dust cover
« Reply #1 on: 18:30:45, 16 November, 2016 »
Thats excellent! well done, just like Hubble.

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