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Author Topic: need suggestions for a new camera  (Read 463 times)

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need suggestions for a new camera
« on: 00:28:04, 07 July, 2017 »
So it looks like my qhy5 died when the roof came of the obsy in a storm and it got heavily rained on, so I need a new camera.

Here's what I have in terms of equipment:
8" newt
ED80 refractor
Mini guide scope (this is what the qhy5 was attached to..)

Modded 550d
Altair Astro GPcam

The Windows XP laptop that was running my obsy also died in the rain.. Now I have a Macbook and a Raspberry Pi (and yes I know all about bootcamp and virtualisation in all its various flavours and I don't care! I would still need a windows licence which I can't afford if I want to have any money left to buy a camera and I don't want to run windows) so I figure whatever I get next needs to have Indi drivers.

I am happy to consider mono or OSC but I think I want a planetary camera to compliment the equipment I already have and to act as a guide camera for when I am shooting with the dslr (as of the time of writing there isn't an Indi driver for the GPCam that I know of..)

So does anyone have any suggestions I should consider?

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Re: need suggestions for a new camera
« Reply #1 on: 06:27:24, 07 July, 2017 »
If you wanted a dedicated Planetary camera.
There are plenty around.

ZWO- Altair- and- QHY, however. I don't think they have capture software compatible  with Apple.

If I was in your situation. I would get a Windows PC from Amazon. They are not expensive anymore.
Then look on UKABS for a used camera.

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Re: need suggestions for a new camera
« Reply #2 on: 07:38:54, 07 July, 2017 »

Zwo seems to have some of the best Indi support though, coming at it left field, you can, with a bit of pushing and shoving, get an Imaging Source camera to work under Indi.

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Re: need suggestions for a new camera
« Reply #3 on: 18:50:56, 07 July, 2017 »
Atik have a thing for working with Raspberry Pis out of the box

Lets the camera basically run as a server over the network ,so you still need another imaging computer at the other end.

FWIW I've used the Atik camera with INDI drivers on a PI to run a sky camera for ages with not a single glitch. Tried the same thing with ZWO and had reliability issues. To be fair I haven't tried the ZWO indi drivers for about a year now.
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Re: need suggestions for a new camera
« Reply #4 on: 10:50:09, 14 July, 2017 »
Have you looked at OCapture- works on my Mac with a QHY 5

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