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Author Topic: Coronado Helios 1 solar telescope  (Read 479 times)

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Coronado Helios 1 solar telescope
« on: 11:03:21, 11 July, 2017 »
Hi all...

Recently, we have been donated a lot of equipment from the family of a founding member of our Astro Society after he past away.

Amongst the equipment is a white-tubed solar telescope without any identification markings. From piecing together stories, marked boxes & google images, it appears to be a Coronado Helios 1 70mm solar telescope. One of our members recalls it was purchased second hand & quite some time ago ( > 15yrs ?)

Obviously I am concerned about the optical safety (it has been tested with a cheap webcam, & various objects at the eyepiece without actually observing through it) - I have been put in contact with Bresser UK(BC&F & Telescope House that was) after I sent an email to Lunt USA (whose reply was CC'd to Jennifer Lunt)

Whilst looking through the history of David Lunt, Coronado etc. I was surprised by all the famous names which are linked together through the years (Lunt, APM, Meade, etc. etc.)

The telescope has an ULTRA smoooooth helical focuser & (what I presume to be) a rotary adjuster for the etalon. No other markers or identification is present.

I did have a quick email chat with Steve Collingwood (being the last Meade trained eng. left in the country) & his advice was to use a web cam to test... he couldn't really help any more. He did mention that the filters which provide contrast will degrade over time... only to leave a featureless orange blob.

So, whilst waiting for Bresser to get back to me (it's like waiting for paint to dry!), does anyone out there have or past owned one of these beasts? History & experience is what I'm looking for....

Web Images

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Re: Coronado Helios 1 solar telescope
« Reply #1 on: 23:24:56, 13 July, 2017 »
Any pictures of the scope Phil... can't help on the history or experience side of things I'm afraid but interested to see what it looks like !


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