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Title: Obsy build continueing
Post by: Ian Straton on 23:30:52, 14 February, 2017
Hi folks, its been a while coming but you should all brace yourselves for the cloudiest spring on record, I am almost finished building my obsy!

Also because it has been such a labour of love I have decided that once complete I am going to open it up as a community resource for people to visit (by arrangement only!) so I started a blog which I am now building up with the history of the build, if you are interested in my project you can read all about it here: https://stoneageobservatory.blogspot.co.uk

(there is no advertising or commercial aspect to the blog, I just felt I wanted somewhere to put all the knowledge and experience I gained over the project and have some way for members of the public to contact me about it... facebook and forums just weren't doing it for me!)
Title: Re: Obsy build continueing
Post by: TeeJay on 07:29:33, 15 February, 2017
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