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Title: Getting ready for dark skies
Post by: Ludd on 23:33:06, 01 July, 2004
I see this forum's had a month off.  Anything to do with the weather, I wonder?

I'm beginning to irritate everyone around me as I get ready for a trip to France where there'll be some nice dark skies (and mosquitos).  I'm going to have some more goes at wide angle shots and will probably have to treay myself to a motor for my wee EQ1.  Last summer I was struggling with an SLR and no cable release held on the ground for as long as I could bear the mosquitos biting my knuckles.  Got a few bearable shots - here's one of a bit of Milky Way - can anyone tell me which bit?
Title: Getting ready for dark skies
Post by: synner on 23:50:08, 01 July, 2004
If I'm not mistaken, that's Cygnus :D

Title: Getting ready for dark skies
Post by: Ludd on 09:47:36, 02 July, 2004
Aha!  Thanks for that Nick.

I bet I'll forget again to keep a note of the shots I take this summer.
Title: Getting ready for dark skies
Post by: dciobota on 15:56:09, 02 July, 2004
Paul, that's actually a pretty cool pic considering the technique.  ;)  What's amazing to me is how deep of a sky you managed to capture from just a 40 second shot!  London or not, that must be a pretty dark sky, I couldn't get half those stars here.

 Well done, can't wait to see your pics when you get your mount sorted out and get to those nice French southern skies.  Pat (ExtraT) can vouch for those.  :)

 Clear skies,

Title: Getting ready for dark skies
Post by: Ludd on 16:13:17, 02 July, 2004

Thanks for that - actually, the shot of what I now know is Cygnus was from my last trip to France.  London skies are really not up to that standard - see for example my shot of orange skies and an iridium flare on the "Other" forum!

I've just ordered a motor drive for my EQ1 from Bernard of Modern Astronomy and am looking forward to trying some more leisurely shots and using stronger mosquito repellent.
Title: Getting ready for dark skies
Post by: rob uk on 17:45:26, 02 July, 2004
so this was on a EQ1 without a drive with a exposure of 40 seconds..? what size lense did you use..? im quite impressed i have a 35mm slr sat here loaded with film but before i had a chance to use it the summer skies beat me to it  :(  but winter wont be too long i guess
Title: Getting ready for dark skies
Post by: Ludd on 23:16:44, 02 July, 2004
Hi Rob,

I'm very slowly getting to grips with the technology here - I'm a bit of a luddite really, hence the SLR habit!

The Cygnus shot was not even on the EQ1 actually, I was holding the camera as steady as I could for 40s on the rocky driveway outside the house where we were staying.  It was much more solid, funnily enough, than the flimsy ally tripod that the EQ1 was on.

The lens was the original Pentacon 50mm lens stopped down to f2.8.

This summer I'll not only have a motorised EQ1 (Tnanks Bern!) but also a lovely solid wood Zeiss tripod that I picked up for next to nothing from a camera shop in Holborn that had forgotten to ship it out to a customer who had bought the related Zeiss cassegrain scope from them for a mere £400!

Give the old SLR a whirl - here's a similar shot of orion also taken last summer just before dawn with the 50mm lens.
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