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Title: Iphone Dark Sky Meter
Post by: RickyG on 22:44:49, 03 January, 2014
Hey guys

Dunno if anyone has brought this up before, but i have came across an iphone app called Dark Sky Meter which uses the phones camera. You basically cover the phones lense in a dark room and take a calibration shot before pointing the camera at the zenith.

It is apparently accurate. Has anyone put it up against an SQM to see?

Title: Re: Iphone Dark Sky Meter
Post by: Haitch on 11:48:27, 12 January, 2014
£2.99 on the app store for the pro version I see (there is a free one called DSM Lite that says it is less accurate) but no ratings or reviews on either despite, according to the bumph, being featured on CBS and Scientific American.

I might give the free one a bash but I can't see how they can be that accurate from just a dark frame without a calibration to something lighter so it knows the size of a unit of brightness.
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