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Title: Was anyone doing Lunar Imaging on the afternoon of 1/1/2017?
Post by: Gfamily on 20:35:13, 14 February, 2017
A message posted to our Astro Soc this evening

I am writing to see if any forum members were by chance videoing the Moon around 17h:47m:18s UT on 2017 January 01 (+/- a few sec). It is possible that we might have a first recording of an impact flash videoed from the British Isles - but we need verification of this. The recorded event occurred in the southern hemisphere, in the region of the crater Tycho.
If anyone has any video recordings of that area around that time please contact Tony Cook at Aberystwyth University as soon as possible, irrespective of whether or not you can detect anything on your recording. Tony's e-mail address is:
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