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Title: Space art
Post by: Mike Hawtin on 15:59:57, 31 December, 2017
Well the subject title says it all really.  It's been a filthy day here so to while away the time I've revisited my M17 narrow band data and come up with a concoction which can only be described as space art, it has no merit other than passing a few hours having fun!  I'm posting it for a bit of a laugh, please don't ask me about the work flow, I lost the plot about five minutes into the session.   :suspious:
For those with a stronger constitution there is a full size image here:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9h47k3myafqpu4d/AADfwbfBgtDtaZpf2vTG0MLLa?dl=0 (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9h47k3myafqpu4d/AADfwbfBgtDtaZpf2vTG0MLLa?dl=0)  and for anyone who fancies having a bash themselves there are also the three channel master stacks.  They have been calibrated and denoised with pixinsights Mure script, nothing else has been done to them, feel free to help yourself and jolly good luck to you!

Thanks for looking and best wishes for a happy and productive new year.

Title: Re: Space art
Post by: chris.bailey on 10:06:26, 01 January, 2018
Hey its Narrowband so (just about) anything goes in my book and it keeps the essential elements of M17.

Happy new year and lets hope for some clearer skies.

Title: Re: Space art
Post by: chris.bailey on 11:17:47, 01 January, 2018

Using my normal NB workflow I end up with a 'similar' result.

1) Linear fit all images to the Ha channel.
2) NB Combine 0.5Ha+0.5SII>>R, 0.85OIII+0.15Ha>>B, OIII>>B
3) Process Ha as L (stretch, fiddle and sharpen)
4) Stretch RGB, saturation boost, fiddle a bit with hues (Cyan colour mask to deepen blues and Red colour mask to boost reds)
5) Combine L RGB
6) Further saturation boost to compensate for added L
7) Star reduction


ps lovely dataset
Title: Re: Space art
Post by: Mike Hawtin on 14:52:20, 01 January, 2018
Thanks Chris, really pleased you had a go with my data, working in isolation it's difficult know how well (or poorly) I am processing it!  My workflow is pretty similar the only significant difference is that I make a synthetic luminance using all three channels combined using the max function with pixelmath, with nb as you say it really doesn't matter if this skews the colour just fiddle with it until it looks pleasing.

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