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Title: basic question regarding exposure length
Post by: squreshi786 on 18:40:20, 05 February, 2018
I am able to get 10 minutes of subs with guiding and can push but limited by Light Pollution. I have a Losmandy G11 without any modification and can get get 2 minutes without guiding.
Question is would there be any added advantage of improving its physical ability to perform better now that I am able to get guiding giving me prolonged capture or is it all academic.

The other question is some what related re periodic error correction which I have never done but again do I really need it with my exposure needs now being met with guiding.

Currently I am using OSC Atik with an IDAS LP P2 filter and a typical example is attached. So should I invest in a better mount or PEC features or not bother.

Title: Re: basic question regarding exposure length
Post by: chris.bailey on 19:35:23, 05 February, 2018

If you can guide for 10 minutes, you can guide for an hour, its just more of the same. That said I am a great believer in having guiding do as little as possible so you can do long guide exposures, maximise signal and therefore centroid calculations and avoid chasing the seeing.

A lot depends on the shape of the PEC curve. G11's sometimes have some odd secondary harmonics that are short period variations and guiding struggles to keep up with them. At the very least I would have a look at the PEC curve and would probably apply one and see how it affects your guide graph.

Just my thoughts.

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