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All Other Astro Images / Re: The Milky Way Rising
« Last post by Peter Shah on Today at 17:57:03 »
o flippen' 'eck, Peter!


Thanks Phil....should of added  Its a ten panel mosaic, each panel 3x 20s calibrated with darks and stacked then stitched and processed. I used a separate mosaic taken at twilight to retain detail in the horizon and lower ISO setting. All in 37 frames..... Equipment: Sony A7s with a canon 20mm at f/5.6
The Bar / Re: Skywatcher AZ-GTI mount
« Last post by petevasey on Today at 17:17:26 »

What I find particularly interesting is the GOTO feature.  The head on its own is almost identical in weight to the Star Adventurer head without the wedge, top bar and balance weight.  Therefore a direct replacement weight wise.  So what I'm wondering is whether Skywatcher's next step for this mount will be a wedge and modified software to enable polar alignment, therefore suitable for longish exposures at a reasonable focal length. And if also an autoguide port appears, it would be VERY interesting indeed!



Well, it didn't take long! Skywatcher have produced replacement firmware to do the job, and with a bit of messing about, it works.   :D  Full description of how it's done in an article in the October 'Astronomy Now'.  I don't think I'll be going that route - I already have a Star Adventurer and an EQ3-2 mount for easy travel use, but for someone starting from scratch a very interesting lightweight GOTO mount.  The article shows it carrying a small telescope and CCD camera, and a nice pic of the North America Nebula.  Great stuff!


Announcements & Site Issues / Re: UKAI Closure Announcement
« Last post by Astroscot2 on Today at 13:54:15 »
Sad news indeed, I joined way back at the beginning and it felt great to be involved, there was a real buzz about the new "astrophotography" forum, I received great advice and fun banter from the likes of  Coxy, Synner, Fordster, Nick H, Gee to name a few. All good things come to an end as they say.  I wish everyone well and hope you all continue to look up.

Lunar Images / Lunar Eclipse - 31-Jan-2018
« Last post by boothee on Today at 12:22:38 »
Greetings from Myanmar!

Taken from People's Square Park, Yangon.  31 Jan, 2018.

Clear Skies!

Lunar Images / Re: Moon eclipse 27 july 2018 from Italy
« Last post by boothee on Today at 12:06:38 »
Deep Sky Images / Re: IC 1470 /Sh2 156
« Last post by bobscott on Today at 10:53:22 »
I did a crop Phil but didn't like it much I need to get a bit more focal length at it.

Deep Sky Images / Re: vdb 136
« Last post by bobscott on Today at 10:51:20 »
Thanks Phil I like to have a go at targets not often imaged.

Newcomers Corner / Re: Antivrus blocking registration with Atik forum?
« Last post by Annie on Today at 08:58:20 »
I might have used the same phrase Phil - thanks for trying. Much appreciated.

Deep Sky Images / Re: IC5070 Pelican Nebula - Ha (WiP)
« Last post by Nimbus on Today at 05:06:35 »
Thanks Phil CS Jim
Planetary Images / Re: Mars 28/08/2018 [DSLR]
« Last post by psjshep on 22:20:36, 18 September, 2018  »
Yet another to be amazed with.... great Mars run, Luca :clap:

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