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Deep Sky Images / Vdb 156 a Reflection nebula in Andromeda / Lacerta
« Last post by bobscott on 14:09:51, 12 October, 2018  »
Imaged over two nights 06/09-10-18 Luminance of 9 x 600 un binned and RGB of R - 7 G - 6 B - 10 all 300 sec's and binned 2 x 2 a bit of cloud around with the RGB capture.

WO 90 Megrez scope
QHY9m camera

Deep Sky Images / Vdb 154 in Cepheus
« Last post by bobscott on 14:03:40, 12 October, 2018  »
It has taken several nights to capture this data due to cloudy nights 22/30-09-18 + 02/06-10-18 Ha of 7 x 900 un binned and RGB of 7 x 300 each binned 2 x 2 I am not all together happy with this image as the Ha element seems to have taken over I may go back to it and try a bit more re processing.

WO 90 Megrez scope

 QHY9m camera

Messier Marathon / Re: M 015 - Globular in Pegasus
« Last post by petevasey on 12:32:56, 12 October, 2018  »
Taken on 10th October 2018. A bit hazy with moderate to poor seeing. QSI 683 on RC10 wth SX AO unit. Luminance 11 x 5 minutes, RGB each 4 x 5 minutes, all binned 2x2.
Beginners Images / Re: Mars and Saturn 6th oct
« Last post by petevasey on 12:02:00, 12 October, 2018  »
Good stuff, also the other posting with Venus.  Ah the joys of having planets high in the sky  :urock:


Deep Sky Images / Messier 15
« Last post by petevasey on 11:54:31, 12 October, 2018  »
I first imaged the globular cluster M15 in Pegasus in 2008, but it was a very hurried image, lacking in depth and colour,  so with the target being well placed at the moment I decided to revisit it.  The nights of 9th and 10th October were forecast to be clear, and indeed they were, although a bit hazy. But the seeing on 9th was the worst I have ever seen from home with the fwhm varying from 6 to 19 in a few seconds so that was a no go  >:(  Still pretty poor on 10th, but just good enough to try for the bright cluster. I would have liked better seeing and more exposures before the haze worsened, but this will have to do for now, certainly a considerable improvement on my 2008 effort.

QSI 683 on RC10 wth SX AO unit. Luminance 11 x 5 minutes, RGB each 4 x 5 minutes, all binned 2x2.

Poor weather for the next few days, then the Moon will be waxing, but maybe I'll get another image in before the forum closes.  Best of luck guys, as I said before I'll not be going to Facebook.


Deep Sky Images / Re: The Dark Shark
« Last post by petevasey on 11:42:13, 12 October, 2018  »
Thanks, guys.

I wasn't entirely happy with the above image, so spent more time on it on the clear night of 6th October, getting a completely new set of data.  This time 16 x 10 minutes Luminance subs and 6 x 10 minutes each RGB.  QSI 683 on TS65 quad refractor, all binned 2x2.  Marginally better, tho' still not as contrasty as I'd hoped - well, I do live in NE England! I would have preferred unbinned at that short focal length, but would need very long (at least 20 minute!) subs, and time did not allow - I'd need two or three good nights to really crack it.  Maybe later in the year, with it being high in Cepheus there is time yet  :yes:  I'll be at Kielder w/e 9th November - fingers crossed for a couple of clear nights.  Alas the forum will have closed by then  :(


Deep Sky Images / Re: NGC 6663
« Last post by p1taylor on 21:23:38, 08 October, 2018  »
I try to make it easy thanks for looking.

Deep Sky Images / Re: M33 in RGB
« Last post by Peter Shah on 08:30:01, 08 October, 2018  »
Its very loose G2V calibration weights it takes a lot of the pain out of colour balancing
Deep Sky Images / Re: IC 1396A - The Elephant's Trunk nebula
« Last post by Peter Shah on 08:27:39, 08 October, 2018  »
not sure why but I cant see an image?
Deep Sky Images / Re: M31 with TS 125 APO
« Last post by Peter Shah on 08:27:11, 08 October, 2018  »
lovely crisp detail...super job
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