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Telescope/Equipment/Accessories / Re: First Setup for Imaging DSO
« Last post by Z3roCool on 23:55:55, 19 January, 2018  »
Dear Tom,

You don't mention a camera - are you thinking about using a DSLR? That's a great place to start.

On the guiding, I've recently been using an Off axis guider from ZWO - I was a bit surprised at how well it all worked (there is a bit of play in the guider stalk), but this is relatively inexpensive (~ £120) and takes away a lot of the worry about differential flexure between the two scopes, and how you mount the guide scope securely.

You will definitely find used HEQ5 mounts around which will take several hundred pounds off the cost, and you may well find used scopes (I'm using a used WO Star 71 which works well and gets away from the need to have  a flattener too).


Hi Colin - I am going to be using my Canon 7D to begin with. I have left it a bit late to order my scope now for going away to Morocco so am going to wait until I get back and the weather gets better!

Looking at hooking up my Canon 400L on a side by Side mount and maybe try my Dads Canon 500L if it fits! Looked at the OAG also and looks a good possibility when I get my scope

Think I will treat myself to a new mount as I think the main starting point to begin with and will keep for some time :) May look at the belt mod also.

The Star 71 sure does look a nice scope...maybe will save up a little more and see what happens :)


Messier Marathon / Orion Widefield
« Last post by madpc on 21:34:19, 19 January, 2018  »
Hi All,

I have had an attempt at imaging the Orion constellation with my Modded Canon 1300D 28mm lens and Skywatcher star adventure mount.
this is approx. 20 images at ISO 800 2 min exposure and I am battling the Light pollution from Southend on Sea :-/
Still managed to get a bit of Barnard's loop in the image despite the skies orange glow !

Messier Marathon / M42 - Running Man
« Last post by madpc on 21:19:16, 19 January, 2018  »
Hi All,

My first image in several weeks M42 / 43 and Running Man in Orion.
24x 3 min exposures at ISO 1000  taken with my Canon 60Da /CLS clip filter through my Borg ED77II
Not the easiest area of the sky as its in the direction of Southend on Sea.

Messier Marathon / Re: M 091
« Last post by madpc on 21:13:39, 19 January, 2018  »
Very Nice Peter hope the weather is not hampering you too much up there !
Introductions / Re: Hi from the Wye Valley
« Last post by psjshep on 19:13:49, 19 January, 2018  »
Welcome along from me too, Martin...

There are many different experienced astrophotrographers on here who will be more than willing & able to help out...

Thank you so much for doing that Chris - am encouraged!  Have started working hard on my processing skills though have had to go back to basics, ie. levels and curves.  Hopefully before too long I will have a stab at it and post the results!

Thanks again
Hi Annie

NICE DATA  :thumbup:

I ran it through Astro Pixel Processor using default/hinted values and to the attached (I did crop in in Pixinsight and saved as .jpg but nothing more). With some calibration files and a little more love and attention in processing it would be a cracking M42 indeed.


ps no sign of the horizontal line artefact

Hi everyone.

Delighted to post into the forum that the observatory construction phase is now complete and telescope installation is underway.

There are just 2 pier spots left and of course the CDK17 data subscription opportunity will commence in a couple of weeks and the RH305 shortly thereafter.

Introductions / Re: Hi from the Wye Valley
« Last post by Roger B on 07:45:06, 19 January, 2018  »
Welcome to UKAI martin

Chris - here is a Dropbox link to some 600sec subs for M42.  I took 600sec subs over two nights and I think this batch were the lesser quality in that they were affected by the moon - whether this in any way resulted in the line I have no idea - probably not I guess.  I also took 30x30sec subs and 30x10sec ones.  Assuming this link is successful I can send the second batch of 600sec subs.

Many thanks
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