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All Other Astro Images / Re: Asteroid photometry - 402 Chloe
« Last post by Nomis Elfactem on 11:42:41, 18 April, 2018  »
Nicely done Tapio !
Deep Sky Images / Re: 1804 - Markarians Chain
« Last post by Nomis Elfactem on 11:42:05, 18 April, 2018  »
Very nicely done Mr B !!

Deep Sky Images / 1804 - Markarians Chain
« Last post by chris.bailey on 09:41:53, 18 April, 2018  »
First Image since mid Feb! Short nights of true darkness now so taken over two nights to get 6 1/2 hours of data!

Imaged: 18 April 2018
Mount: Paramount MX
Scope: Samyang 135mm f2.8
Camera: SX814 L filter
Guided: Unguided Random Dither
Exposures: 80 x 300
Image Scale: 5.68"/pxl
Captured: SkyX
Processed: Pixinsight
Introductions / Re: Hello guys
« Last post by PaulB on 06:21:31, 18 April, 2018  »
Welcome to the wonderful world of Astro imaging Nicolita  :D
Newcomers Corner / Re: stellar mate
« Last post by Malcolm L on 20:36:02, 17 April, 2018  »
the web site is
Newcomers Corner / Re: stellar mate
« Last post by Malcolm L on 20:16:48, 17 April, 2018  »
good evening everyone, am not to sure what it does, I did google images  it's some kind of new software for astrophotogrphy   
Deep Sky Images / NGC4535
« Last post by petevasey on 15:58:04, 17 April, 2018  »
This is a beautiful barred spiral galaxy in the Virgo cluster.   Quite bright at mag. 9.8, but with very faint outlying areas, not so easy.  Coincidentally featured in April Astronomy Now Sky Tour section, but they used an ESO image!  I say coincidentally because I started this project on 8th March with some mono data.  Then more mono on 20th March, a smidgen of colour on 24th March, the rest of it on 14th April.  Shows what a dreadful Spring season it's been that it has taken me over five weeks for one image!!

Anyway, here is the result.  Luminance 27 x 10 minutes, RGB each 7 x 10 minutes, all binned 2x2.   QSI683wsg and SX AO unit on 10" RC Truss.  Even with all that Luminance data, still a bit lacking in detail, but hardly surprising - the seeing has been dreadful for weeks now with the Jet Stream practically overhead.  Some patchy colour noise as well - IF I get another chance I might try for more colour.  But my dark skies are rapidly disappearing for this season.


All Other Astro Images / Asteroid photometry - 402 Chloe
« Last post by Einari on 15:49:35, 17 April, 2018  »
Thought I'd share my latest photometry.
This is also my first contribution to Gaia-GOSA project.

Took 760 x 10 s exposures with C8 @ 1195mm, SXV-694, bin2, C filter.
Results should be shown in Gaia-GOSA page but at the moment my data is not processed.
So made photometry myself.
Photometry made with Fotodif - web page only in Spanish but software can be used in english.


Introductions / Re: Hello guys
« Last post by Annie on 09:15:46, 17 April, 2018  »
Another welcome from me too Nicolita.

Newcomers Corner / Re: stellar mate
« Last post by Nicolita on 02:01:10, 17 April, 2018  »
Good evening everyone , hope you all had a good Easter
I don't know if anyone as heared of a new software called Stellar mate, i found it on my phone by accident
What does it do?
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