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Lumenera LU075M CCD camera

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Oops, have to correct myself already.   :oops:   I forgot to factor in the three R,G,B components in my bandwidth math, so a 640x480 rgb uncompressed image would require 900mb/s at 60fps!   :shock:   I wonder how Damien managed 60fps captures with the lumenera, since it exceeds the bandwidth of both USB2 and firewire b?


Well, for dso there's no point in dropping a girlie little icx098 chip in there so assume the icx285 at about £450...

Just a timer chip?  Oh I wish... well, I suspect SC wishes\ :lol:  the webcam is limited in exposuer by hardware, hence the hardware mod required.  For LE and fast 0.001 sec frames you are asking for two different cameras.  Add to that the multi-ccd support (HAD, Interline, etc.), the cooling system, etc. and things get silly.  Still, for the price on todays markets that £1200 still represents excellent vfm.  Trust me, just look at the cameras around today using the ICX285AL chip, their price, and their capabilities...


Thanks Arthur, I didn't realize there was so much involved.   :shock:


Yes thanks Arthur.

It's like anything, do you go SBIG ST1100 or Meade DSI, do you get a £40 toucam or a £1200 lumenara...

I have seen stunning images at both ends, from both cameras in both planetary and DSO..

Working with Firewire devices all day every day as part fo my job, I can testify that whilst they are not as prevelent, an S800 buss with a suitable camera, would IMHO outperform the base 4 requirements needed earlier in the thread, and were a company to ocme out with a Firewire based astrocam as a good price, I think I would opt for that as a personal preference, not that I have has any nagative experiences with USB (barring the shonky cables on the DSI, and the power issues with the same camera using some USB cables)

Interesting debate this, and taught me a bit, but the simple math I see right now is £40 got me a camera which until recently Damian Peach et al were imaging Planets with to a level which nobody could touch.

I simply cannot justify £1200 for what I see as a marginal improvement. After seeing Ian's Saturn with the Atik 1...this only re-enforces my view.

For DSO's the story may be different, I have a Sxoress MX516/USB and the DSI and an EOS 300D, all of which have benefits (accurate ish astrometry and nice guider interface with the S-Xpress, Simple and very very effective and good software with the DSI, and staggering wide fields and low cost with the EOS300D). Again I can see the benefits of an ST1100, but just not at the current price, not when (I know R&D,cooling casing etc..I work in an R&D dept), 11MP cameras cost 4 times less on the street (yes they sell lots of em as well...margins ...etc)

I have a "mental" price performance ratio in my head for anything I buy these days, and if the product (DSI/Toucam/EOS) fit that profile, I buy it, if not I wait until it drops in price (newer model) or comes on ebay/astromart..

Just my 2 cents from a purely "punter" level perspective.

Well, there you go.  One of the reasons why the red one will not go into production.


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