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Author Topic: Solar mosaic tutorial  (Read 2073 times)

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Solar mosaic tutorial
« on: 23:21:10, 09 February, 2013 »
Hi all

Well not posted in the solar section before so here i am. I fell in love with solar viewing a long time back and love it to this date still.
I like the visual side a lot more than the photography side of things but i also like to record what i see with a camera haha !
So i spend more time imaging than visual. But anyway onto my post.

I have a Lunt LS60THa solarscope with a 1200 blocking filter and feathertouch focuser. I use a Atik 314L+ camera but now mainly a DMK 21AU618.AS.
Because its such a small picture i tend to mosaic my images and a few people asked how i tried to explain in chat failed and made this tutorial.

Sun mosaic tutorial CS5

Its not perfect and yes that is how i am haha !
Nutty and crap at explaining things and if you have any questions and ideas on how to improve other totorial videos i may do please say.


Chris  ;)
Telescopes :     TMB 130 SS F7 Apo And  Lunt LS60THa solarscope
Mounts :          Paramount MX And Losmandy GM8
 Cameras :       Atik 314L+ And DMK 21AU618.AS

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Re: Solar mosaic tutorial
« Reply #1 on: 11:24:43, 10 February, 2013 »
Excellent tutorial Chris !!

I just have a couple of questions/recommendation.... firstly I get the impression you bin 2x2 the images taken with the DMK21 - is that the case  and if it is I was wondering what your reason was ?

Secondly, I would recommend that you get the camera orientation correct in the scope when taking the .avi's so that you don't have to rotate the image using the free form tool in PS as this is bound to add in artifacts/noise which could then be exaggerated in later processing.

Finally, I noticed that you clicked on Load on the waveletts in Registax... if you select all your wavelet presets they should be available to you in the drop down box under the Load/Save buttons so that you don't have to do to the folder each time you want to use one.  I have 10 or 15 saved and I just scroll through them all till I find one that works best for any particular image.

Great work though and a very useful reference for anyone wondering how to do it.  Also, for any one reading this it is possible to do all of what Chris did in CS4 too !!


PS - great to have another solar imager... we're a bit light on the ground these days (not withstanding the lack of sun for the last two years).

Scopes: Astro-Tech AT-111EDT Triplet, TS65ED Quad, Orion ST80, Modded PST-90 Solar Scope, PST Cak (on loan)
Cameras: SXVF H694, Atik 16ic, Canon EOS 600d, DMK41, DMK21, QHY 5L-II (mono & colour)
Accessories: SX USB Filter Wheel, SX OAG, Baader LRGB Ha SI OII Filters, SharpSky Focuser
Mount: EQ6 (EQMOD), SW Star Adventurer, plus a lot (and I mean a lot) of other bits and pieces

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Re: Solar mosaic tutorial
« Reply #2 on: 14:24:45, 10 February, 2013 »
Hi Nomis and thanks for the comments.

Well i have not used binning on the DMK21 before But i did use binning on the Atik 314L+ used in this tutorial.
Main reason is when doing 10 to 40 frame mosaics is i used 1x1 i would be imaging for a very long time and half the time i was cloude hopping.
Many of my mosaics have been cut short with the cloudes here GGRR ! !

I have tried setting the cam to orientation before but i found it made moving the mount and aligning each frame hard work.
I have never seen any loss of data while doing this process as i tend to process it all then rotate last thing.

I usualy use the dropdown menu but for the video i showed it so people not used to the dropdown could see.

I only have CS3 and CS5 it works smooth in CS5 but for odd reasons in CS3 it came up with not enough memory.
No idea why i had a spare 16 gig of ram not being used and 75% on used hard drives Odd stuff indeed.

I love solar photography but with work now i have little time to shoot and this time of the year its far to low in the garden  :(
But lets hope for more clear weekends this coming year.
Telescopes :     TMB 130 SS F7 Apo And  Lunt LS60THa solarscope
Mounts :          Paramount MX And Losmandy GM8
 Cameras :       Atik 314L+ And DMK 21AU618.AS


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