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Author Topic: Which Lunt 35tHA- basic or de luxe?  (Read 859 times)

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Which Lunt 35tHA- basic or de luxe?
« on: 19:58:49, 15 May, 2010 »
I'm in the market for a Lunt 35THA solar Ha telescope. They come in two flavours, basic and deluxe. The price difference is a whopping £150. The spec. given on various websites says that the difference is the extras (Clamshell, Televue Solsearcher and 10mm 70deg eyepiece). However, one dealer has told me the de luxe version has a larger blocking filter than the basic version. He said this made no difference to the view except that is allowed you to view a wider field of view, and hence allow for wider field eyepieces to be used.

Would there be any other advantages/disadvantages to the use of the larger blocking filter?
Would the larger blocking filter affect the back focus?


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