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Author Topic: Perceiving the Environment  (Read 1075 times)

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Perceiving the Environment
« on: 14:26:49, 14 July, 2010 »
There was an interesting article recently in "Science Daily" (, that touched upon the relationship between quantum physics, the "quantum world", and the "classical world", i.e. that which we perceive with our senses. It looks at the link that bridges the classical and quantum worlds and enables a transition from that world of mostly empty space to the familiar environment we experience through our senses. I`ve not followed up the original article, and I don`t pretend to understand all the ramifications, but there are clearly some very interesting possibilities. I was thinking of how we would recognise other life forms, or indeed whether we would actually be able to recognise them! If the quantum physics side of the argument is universal, then presumably how we sense our environment will be the determining factor. It could be that the biological senses of life forms are all modelled on the same principles (of sight, smell, sound etc), in which case we should all (i.e. life forms) be able to sense each other. But what if the biological senses have taken a different evolution elsewhere? We are always hearing of the search for extraterrestial life, is there life on Mars, and so on, but the life we are looking for is only the life we would recognise! What if we dont recognise it, or cant interact with it, or it with us? :alien:
WO FLT132mm, CGE mount, SBIG ST-2000XCM. Captured and processed in MaximDL. Under the "sunny" skies of South Yorkshire :).


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