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Author Topic: hartley help please  (Read 1383 times)

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hartley help please
« on: 20:36:16, 25 October, 2010 »
I am having serious trouble processing my capture of hartley 2 shown here are jpgs of a typical sub, the stack that dss produces and my best effort at processing.

all frames were captured on a modded 300d
ISO 800
exposure 90 secs
scope 8" newt on goto eq5
dss scored all the subs I used at 1016 or higher

the best 7 subs, stack and my best attempt are all available here: as Tiffs or RAW as appropriate.

I can't seem to get anything colour in the image or for that matter a dark background :(
I have tried all sorts of different stacking combinations but the results always come out grey and they don't respond well to histogram stretching, curves or noels tools.

I'm fairly sure it must be something I am doing wrong because other forum members have got such great results with similar exposures and equipment...

Can anyone offer any hope?

Offline Ian Straton

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Re: hartley help please
« Reply #1 on: 20:37:22, 25 October, 2010 »
for some reason I couldn't put them all in one post so here are the other two jpg

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Re: hartley help please
« Reply #2 on: 21:48:20, 25 October, 2010 »
Hi Ian,

Your last image is probably the best that you are going to get. Don't worry about it. It is very good and shows the tail nicely.

If you read my latest blog, you will see what I mean.

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