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RC Auto focuser From Altair Astro


Hi everyone

If your into imaging and from a observatory you might want to read this it makes life very easy......

After viewing on the Altair Astro web site that they have in stock a auto focuser for there 8' RC range of scopes i thought i would get one because it should make life easier when setting up and focusing.
It was delivered a couple of days later and straight away i started to attach the unit to my feather touch focuser.
to install the unit is very easy, all you have to do is remove the single course control knob and fit a rubber cog and then install the bottom plate (where the motor is attached). the cool thing about the mounting plate is that it has a red knob at the end so you can quickly release the motor if needs be.
after the hardware was attached i then needed to install the drivers and connect via USB, this turned out to be very easy and my computer recognised the focuser with out any fault :urock:.
The focuser comes with software to control the unit, but i have Maxim so i used that instead. i was a bit worried at first because Maxim can be very technical. but Maxim had a guide to install the unit connect and control all in one.
After connecting to Maxim i needed to pick a star, which i did then i tried out, it is very bizarre the way maxim controls the focuser, you get a couple of pictures of the star which were not a 100% focused, then the pictures dissapper the focuser starts to move tiny amounts (i thought focuser had broken :surprise:) then after about 15seconds a image comes up on Maxim and it is A1 100% focus. I have never had it so spot on by doing it manually :D.
The focuser also comes with a temp sensor that controls the focus if the temp changes.
I don't think i could go back to manually focusing again, i think it like a lot of astro kit you don't think you need one until you use one.....

All in all a very good bit of kit, just now need to wait for the night to draw in so i can do some real imaging from my observatory.



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