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December 2011 Sky Guide
« on: 19:21:58, 01 December, 2011 »

December Sky Guide 2011

Full moon on the 10th, new moon on the 24th.The moon reaches maximum Southern libration on the 2nd, there will not be a more southern libration until 2017.

There is very difficult lunar crescent on the 25th of 1.2% illumination.

The Geminids reach maximum on the 14th


Mercury is visible before dawn from around the 9th.

Venus visible after sunset through the month, in Sagittarius until the 20th when it crosses into Capricornus.

Mars rising late evening in Leo, visible throughout the month.

Jupiter viewable in Aries until the 5th when it crosses into Pisces.

Saturn in Virgo, rising in shortly before 4am at the start of the month, becoming earlier as the month passes.

Comets visible this month (to mag 12)

Garradd C2009/P1 in Hercules
Hill C2010/G2 in Taurus
78/P Gehrels in Cetus

ISS Passes

The early part of December sees the ISS passing in the early morning, evening passes towards the end.
For 10 day listings for your location please check (free registration required).

Deep Sky

Best deep sky imaging is from the 1st to the 2nd and from the 18th on.

You're spoilt for choice now we're into winter, fancy a change from the Messier objects? How about NGC281 (Pacman nebula) in Cassiopeia, NGC 7380 (Wizard nebula) in Cepheus or NGC 7023 (Iris nebula) also Cepheus.

Easier targets are the ever popular M45 and M42.
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