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Author Topic: Comments on the following please  (Read 1793 times)

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Comments on the following please
« on: 15:58:24, 07 March, 2012 »
I last posted nearly 2 years ago when I said I was saving up for equipment suitable for astrophotography and asked for suggestions.

Since then health problems have held me back somewhat but I'm now in a position to go out and buy.

After much thought I've decided to go for the Celestron C9ΒΌ-A-XLT (CGE dovetail) with the Sky-Watcher HEQ5 PRO SkyScan mount.  I've not yet decided on the camera but it will probably be a CCD camera.

With warmer days coming, hopefully, I'm impatient to get started on a purpose built shed with the help of our friendly builder.  It will be a permanent position.

I would welcome any suggestions/comments on the suitability of the above equipment together with any indication of where I might find plans for such a shed.

In passing, I recently had to go through quite a large number of books, some of which I've had for in excess of 40 years.  Three in particular caught my eye. 

Over 40 years ago I purchased the three volumes - "Amateur Telescope Making" with the editor Albert G. Ingalls and published by Scientific American.  The condition of all is very good having hardly been used.  I had great ideas in those days but university and married life got in the way.  Is there any interest out there in these books?

I will be very interested in any comments from you good people.


Tony Smith

Skywatcher 250DPS Newtonian on an NEQ6 PRO mount with an Opticstar DS336C XL 3.3 MP camera plus a Coronado PST solar telescope

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Re: Comments on the following please
« Reply #1 on: 16:09:14, 07 March, 2012 »
Hi Tony

I have a Celestron 9.25" SCT and it is a great telescope, however for imaging I mostly use smaller refractors. The SCT is great for the Moon and planets with a webcam but nebulae etc needs a wider field of view and a faster scope. Others with much more experience will I expect give their advice.


Megrez 90, NEQ6, Atik 460EX M with Astrodon filters, DMK21 in finder guider, SkyShed POD. Celestron 9.25 for visual.
Software: SGPro with PHD2, Nebulosity4, MaximDL  and PS CS2.
Solar imaging:SkyWatcher ST120 with Daystar Quark Chromosphere, Rowan tilt adapter and ZWO ASI 174MM camera. Software: FireCapture, AS!2, Imppg and PS CS2.

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Re: Comments on the following please
« Reply #2 on: 17:47:32, 07 March, 2012 »
Maybe EQ6 Pro might be better match for that scope - depends little how much extra you are going to put (guide scope).
Celestron CGEM and iOptron iEQ45 might be other alternatives.

Celestron C8, C9.25" & Hyperstar, iOptron CEM60-EC, TS 80 triplet,  Coronado PST, SXV-694,  ASI120MM/ASI174MC Cool

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Re: Comments on the following please
« Reply #3 on: 11:59:22, 09 March, 2012 »
I run a C9.25XLT bolted to an Astroparts 8" plate, side by side with an Equinox ED80Pro in 100m rings from Astroparts with guide cams, and dslr all mounted on an EQ6 Pro.
The plate and rings themselves weigh a tonne but the mount once correctly balanced operates without any issues. I think if you are going to image with this OTA then really a mount of the capacity of the EQ6 is a must when you consider the extras you are going to hang off it, let alone putting a guide scope on too. Don't get me wrong its not the only mount out there capable of this but its probably the one where the most help is going to available.
I used to have an EQ5 Pro and I personally think it struggled a bit and with this set up and any attempt at imaging and guiding was a test and not particularly successful.
I must admit I use my 9.25 mainly for guiding and image through the Equinox on deep field imaging.
I use the C9.25 for planetary imaging which I find excruciatingly frustrating and very testing of ones patience. From my location (in the middle of a housing estate) everything is jumping around like crazy with the thermals off the rooftops and its nigh on impossible to glean any degree of clarity particularly with a web cam.
The views once properly collimated and with a decent EP are however incredible. I would have to recommend the following though
1 or 2 really good dew heater strips (kendrick type). This mount builds up dew faster than a car window in the cold.
A better finder than what is supplied (the 6 x 30 is far too fiddly and small)
A really good diagonal (william optics level or better) dielectric type
Definitely above all else a dew shield. This scope has a tendency to allow a lot of stray light in at the sides and can ruin a good nights viewing

I wish I could permanently mount on a pier, it would save my 2 hours of faffing about trying to get everything going particularly on a work night (which seem the only nights when there are no clouds these days!)
Good luck with your project.
Nick :D

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Re: Comments on the following please
« Reply #4 on: 21:48:00, 12 March, 2012 »
Thanks gentlemen.

I appreciated you taking the time to reply.


Tony Smith

Skywatcher 250DPS Newtonian on an NEQ6 PRO mount with an Opticstar DS336C XL 3.3 MP camera plus a Coronado PST solar telescope


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