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Newby - equipment
« on: 01:44:52, 18 March, 2012 »
Hi, folks.
I'm an  image scientist and I've decided astrophotography for my major project. The main thing on my project is to approach image quality through Fourier Transform.The thing is, I couldn't get a telescope in my university and I have only a full frame camera (D700) with a 1000mm reflex lens and a TC-301. I wonder if there's any chance to capture M31, Saturn and Jupiter with this equipment or if not, if anyone knows a cheap telescope that can do the job. I have only £200 for the scope budget. I mean,I have to buy the scope, t-rings, etc with 200 pounds. I know it's bad, but if I get to capture those images, I'll enhance them later on MATLAB and digital filters, which is the whole point of my project. I really hope you guys can help me with that.

Thanks in advance.


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