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Image of the Month - Guidelines
« on: 08:53:43, 16 December, 2012 »
Following some recent discussions, we thought it might be helpful to publish a few general guidelines for the Image of the Month competition. This is intended more as an informal 'How it Works', since the nominating and voting threads usually contain any relevant information for the respective months, although we hope it may be of use to newer members, or those unsure of the formula. It's a fairly simple and straightforward process, but here is a summary of how the competition works.

Image of the Month has three main parts.....entries, nominating and voting.


Any image can be considered for entry into the competition providing it has been posted onto the forum, preferably in the relevant section. Entries may contain a link to an external source, such as a personal website or image hosting service, but they must also have their own respective post on the forum to be eligible for the competition.


This can be done in a couple of ways, the first of which is a very simple and quick process, and the one we would recommend using. At the bottom of each post on the forum you will notice a Red Button, which says 'Nominate IoM'. If you see an image you think deserves a nomination, simply click on the button in the post directly below the image you like, and a short message will open explaining what to do next. In the case of multiple images in one thread, for example if an image is posted, re-processed and then posted again, click on the button below the specific image you prefer. A text box will open, where you can submit a comment or be specific about which image you are nominating, and then click the 'Submit' button on the right of the box, and this will notify us of the image you are nominating. It's pretty straightforward and that's all there is to it.

You could also, if you prefer, send a personal message to a member of the Admin or Moderator team (whose names appear in red or blue in the member list), specifying the image you want to nominate and where it's posted, but the Red Button option listed above is a much quicker and easier one, in our opinion.

Nominations for the IoM should all be contained within a single calendar month, and competition entries are usually compiled in the same manner. If you see an image you like, and let's face it there are usually lots to choose from, don't automatically assume it must have been nominated. It's better to have multiple nominations for an image than none at all, so if you like it, nominate it  ;)!!!


The voting thread will usually appear at the start of each month, and will contain a list of those images nominated in the preceding month. It is found in the 'Competitions' board and there will be a link at the top of the forum which will take you straight to it, where you can begin the difficult task of selecting the image(s) you would like to vote for. There will be information contained in the thread regarding how many votes are available for each member to cast, although you don't have to use them all if that's your wish. Simply tick the relevant check box(es) in the poll at the top of the thread and click 'Submit' to enter your vote(s). The voting thread is usually open for around two weeks, so there's plenty of time for you to study the images and submit your vote(s), and at the top of the poll you will find the specific closing date / time for the current vote. Once votes are submitted they can't be changed, so it's important to make sure you vote for the correct image(s). Once submitted, the poll will then open up to show the current situation in the voting, and the stats for the current selections (number of votes per image etc).

After the poll closes, usually within a day or so, a thread will appear containing the name of the winning image, and that image will be framed there with details of the subject, member and which month it won the competition. Winning images will be posted in the Hall of Fame, and also on the forum front page until the next months winner is announced / posted. Winners will receive a small trophy icon in their signature, below the avatar, which is a link that will show any competitions won.


The image of the Month competition usually carries a prize for the winner, the details of which will be found in the threads listed above. It is usually in place before the competition begins, but if circumstances beyond our control mean a prize becomes subsequently unavailable, we reserve the right to substitute it. In practice, it shouldn't actually come to this but we feel it's only fair to state the point.

That's pretty much covered the Image of the Month competition, and we hope it has explained how the competition works. We feel it's received more as a fun competition with a 'feather in your cap' for the winners since images are, in general, nominated and voted for by other members. It is, after all, nice to get recognition from your peers  ;). All that remains is to wish you all clear skies and good luck.....we hope you manage to get your images nominated  :thumbup:.

Kind regards

The UKAI Team

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