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FAQ - How do I post an image onto UKAI?
« on: 19:28:52, 16 October, 2013 »
Resizing Images for upload to UKAI

UKAI can host images as attachments to your threads, but due to the volume of images hosted, we do need to limit images to a maximum size of 500kb.

To get your images to a suitable size it is necessary to re-size your images in some kind of photo-editing software such as photoshop, and save this smaller image for upload to the forum.

Images can be at any image scale, but do bear in mind that many users view images on small screens such as laptops and tablets, an image with a width of between 800-900 pixels will fit comfortably on most laptops, and is usually quite adequate for general images. If you feel the need to show a higher resolution of your image, then a link can also be included in your message to a remote location where you can upload a higher resolution version, such as Astrobin, or general image hosting sites such as Flickr and Photobucket.  You can of course link to images uploaded to your own webspace if you have it too.


Firstly open your finished image in photoshop, then under the 'File' menu, choose the 'Save for Web' option

This will then bring up a dialogue box where you can specify the export options, for optimal results choose the JPEG option at the top right, and select the 'Convert to sRGB'

In the 'Image Size' option (A) you can change the dimensions of the exported image, as mentioned above, a good size to choose for upload to UKAI is between 800-900 pixels

If you click anywhere on the image area this will re-render the image and the new filesize will be displayed at the bottom left (C)  You need to get this size below 500K

By changing the 'Quality' setting (B) at the top right, you can adjust the image until this threshold is just below the 500K maximum. You can again refresh the image to see the quality of the output, and make further adjustments if necessary

Then click the 'Save' button, and rename your file with an appropriate designation, such as Messier1_ukai.jpg or M1_447k.jpg for example, so that you can differenciate it from the original later, and save it to a directory where you can locate it.

You can now close the original image file, without making any changes to the original.


Start a new message thread, and type your message.

Below the message box you will see the 'Additional Options...' menu, click this to expand the dialogue and next to 'Attach' you can choose the file you wish to upload by clicking the 'Choose File' button, navigate to the folder where your image is saved, select your image and click 'open', this will load the image name into the datafield. To add further images, choose 'more attachments' up to a maximum of 4 per message

Then click 'save' and your image(s) will upload to UKAI as an attachment to your message post, such as the image below

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