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Author Topic: Help with deciding please  (Read 1792 times)

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Help with deciding please
« on: 23:08:14, 29 April, 2014 »
Well its almost time to buy my 1st telescope, I have my mount I purchased a few weeks ago it's a EQ-6 Pro with EQMOD and now going to buy a telescope for it, my main interest is deep sky Astrophotography, I am interested in viewing too but mainly photography, I have had a look on the net at a few but I would like your advice on what you think is best for me, the ones I have looked into is.but if these are no good for what i want to do or there is something better suited please advice me, I will be probably purchasing second hand,with up to £400
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Thanks Tony
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Re: Help with deciding please
« Reply #1 on: 06:41:52, 30 April, 2014 »
Easiest to learn with ED80 because it has lower focal length which means less demanding tracking tolerance.
And it has value later to use with wider targets.
Many (me including) have two scopes, one for wider targets and one (C8 in my case) for smaller ones.
Both of the Newton scopes are good choices too.

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Re: Help with deciding please
« Reply #2 on: 13:52:12, 30 April, 2014 »
Totally agree with everything Tapio says !

Just about everyone has a ED80 in there collections.... it's a great starter scope for the reasons Tapio gives plus in the future it can be used as the guider cope for a larger/longer focal length scope for the smaller/dimmer DSO's.

Start small... learn the ropes then upgrade to a larger scope with all the additional problems they come with once you've mastered the basics and imaged the objects that a larger focal length scope aren't best suited to !


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Re: Help with deciding please
« Reply #3 on: 14:23:13, 30 April, 2014 »
Tony, do you have any autoguiding gear at the moment? Webcam and 9x50 finder, or something better?

The smaller refractor is easiest to get along with and you're unlikely to exhaust the possibilities with it, although there are times of year when longer focal lengths are more attractive (like Spring). You're using a DSLR (?) as an imaging device so that perhaps lends itself better to wider field subjects anyway. A fast optical system (<f/6) is what you need, the faster the better really to reduce exposure times because a DSLR is not cooled and is subject to background noise more than a cooled dedicated CCD camera. I saw a MN190 for sale on ABS which looked a good deal but exceeds your budget by about £200. A lot of choices but you have a respectable mount which is a good starting point.

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Re: Help with deciding please
« Reply #4 on: 14:28:35, 30 April, 2014 »
Another vote for the ED80.

All three are very capable and the Quattro (though the CF10" has the legs on the ST8") would be my pick as an out and out imaging tool BUT the ED80 wins by a country mile in terms of user friendliness.

The Quattro focuser is prone to being too stiff or too loose and at f4 the critical focus zone is pretty small. Collimation can be tricky if the basic geometry is out of kilter and can wander a bit and most owners find benefit in flocking the tube. A coma corrector is a must for imaging with a newt. Guiding a scope with an 800mm focal length is more of a challenge than the ED80 and Newts do catch the wind well!

If you dont mind a lot of fiddling, a bit of DIY  and a chunk of frustration then the Quattro is very good and great bang for bucks. If you just want to plonk a scope on a mount, focus it and image, then go for the ED80.

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Re: Help with deciding please
« Reply #5 on: 22:00:19, 30 April, 2014 »
thanks for all your support guys it looks like I'm going to be lookingfor a 80ed then for the ease of it and maybe move to something more advanced when i have gained some experience ;)
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Re: Help with deciding please
« Reply #6 on: 21:55:44, 01 May, 2014 »
I started with an 8" f4 newt and I have to say in hindsight I wish I'd gone with an 80 ED. Smaller, easier on a beginner etc. The newts are big bits of kit which require collimation fairly often (if you set up and take down every night like I did). Def go for the ED80
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Re: Help with deciding please
« Reply #7 on: 17:58:35, 30 July, 2014 »
When you start imaging you dont want the extra frusations of fighting with the gear to get it to work, the refractor route is the most forgiving.

The ED80 in its various badges, Orion, Skywatcher Celestron, is a reliable and prooven scope, its relativly slow optics assist with good colour correction, and the matched reducer works very well.

I have had a few myself over time and my only moan is the focuser, you quiet often need to tweak it to stop it slipping, some replace them alltogether, which quiet often costs over half the price of the scope already, so be prepaired to deal with a potential issue. There are plenty of vids on youtube detailing how to adjust it.

eq6 ed80 are a excelent starting point that will provide good service for many years.

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Re: Help with deciding please
« Reply #8 on: 18:17:34, 30 July, 2014 »
What Phil said - I know from experience ...Mind you, if you get an f4 newt and a swear bottle you'll have loads quite soon for a 6" Apo.   
Woe unto him ..or her..who tries to guide the LX90. Let him..or her..rejoice in a lightweight scope upon the mighty EQ6. Mind you,I'd sooner be looking through my 6"f8 while the clouds look down the 8"f4 Le marchant configuration. And there should be a constellation called 'Camelot' and I would worship it in the anticipation of a big lottery win. Maybe I'll move to the Isle of Man..damn these drug

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Re: Help with deciding please
« Reply #9 on: 20:20:40, 30 July, 2014 »
Yep, has to be an ED80 - no collimation to worry about, easier to guide and capable of producing some stunning images - I'm on the lookout for another one at the moment, wish I had never sold mine!


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