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Author Topic: Observation site near Southampton  (Read 627 times)

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Observation site near Southampton
« on: 18:26:58, 01 October, 2015 »
Hey guys,

I currently live in Fareham near southampton and currently travel to old Winchester hill near petersfield when i want to use my telescope because of the dreaded light pollution. This site is extremely good and can really see detail of the milky way, its a bit of a trek from the car and i dont like leaving my car in such a dark spot. I dont mind traveling maybe 30 - 45 min or so if it means getting a perfect location. (obviously closer the better)

Have any of you wonderful people have any ideas of locations? somewhere dark (of course) yet i can observe as close to the car as possible (literally out the boot of the car if possible). I know this is a alot to ask for
but there has to be somewhere out there.  Maybe like an open field i can drive onto?

Many thanks guys, all suggestions welcome :)


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