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Author Topic: Feathertouch FocusBoss & Handy Stepper Motor  (Read 5063 times)

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Re: Feathertouch FocusBoss & Handy Stepper Motor
« Reply #15 on: 20:08:48, 10 March, 2016 »
and they're no problem if mounted on a separate bracket and using a toothed belt

You mean like this? ;-).  Bracket is not yet finished.

LOL! Something like that - but did you need to use armour plate? ;-)

You have an f/5 scope, a 200-step/rev motor (?) and perhaps 3:1 reduction on the toothed belt (again, an ?). You might have been better using a smaller geared motor yourself in this instance to get the resolution of movement, but you can improve things by using half-step to get 400 step/rev I guess.

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Re: Feathertouch FocusBoss & Handy Stepper Motor
« Reply #16 on: 20:26:44, 10 March, 2016 »
but did you need to use armour plate? ;-)

Not started life as a corner plaster trowel, a 99p purchase in the boxing day sales.

Your right it's overkill but my first go with Arduino's and steppers etc.  The gearing from memory is 4:1, even in qtr step as it's high torque version it didn't loose much run in that mode and easily lifts the focuser wheel and camera.  I calculated out the CFZ to be 6.48 in half step mode and 12.96 in quarter step mode in the zone, I know from reading the forums here the sweet spot is around 10 so was using it in quarter mode for now.

I struggled to get hold of the NEMA14 with a planetary gearbox so I ended up with the 17 as a base motor.
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