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Astronomy planner - DSO Browser
« on: 01:17:36, 31 May, 2016 »
Hi! I've always read this forum anonymously but finally joined and this is my first post :)

I wanted to share with you my astronomy planner website: the Deep Sky Objects Browser -

It started out as a simple search tool to find deep sky objects with very specific criteria (e.g. "galaxies that rise at least 40 degrees above the horizon for 2 hours between 10pm and 2am") but it's gradually become more and more complete. The most important features are:

  • Search for DSOs fine-tuning your criteria by type of object, minimum altitude, magnitude, size, catalogues, coordinates, constellation and your local time.

  • Create an observing list - you can keep it online, print it and download it to your computer.

  • Share your astrophotography unlimitedly and for free - similar to Astrobin but nicer and free.

  • Check the Virtual Sky Map in your browser - similar to Stellarium, less powerful but online to check from any computer without installing anything.

  • Get reminders for specific objects - e.g. "send me an e-mail when Andromeda Galaxy is best seen at 10pm from my location".

  • Check Sun, Moon and planetary rise/transit/set times.

  • Check the Moon monthly and yearly calendars.

  • Save your usual locations and get monthly suggestions tailored for you.

You can see some screenshots below. I'm constantly working on the site adding new features and pay special attention to user feedback. Possible next features are adding much more data (more objects, multiple star systems and planets), conversion tools, articles, and other minor features.

Everything is and will always be free. If you find the site useful, please consider helping me spread the word among your friends, colleagues and clubs :)

Hope you like it! Any kind of feedback is much appreciated :)

Clear skies!

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Re: Astronomy planner - DSO Browser
« Reply #1 on: 08:45:52, 31 May, 2016 »
Thank you for this post, great info for a nubee like myself, i'm sure i'll be using this in the future  :D :thumbup: :thumbup: :big_clap: :big_clap:
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Re: Astronomy planner - DSO Browser
« Reply #2 on: 08:47:55, 31 May, 2016 »
Yep, great site which I have some times used to search for suitable targets.

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