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Author Topic: My Equiment  (Read 700 times)

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My Equiment
« on: 14:17:23, 29 April, 2017 »
Hi everyone I forgot to say, about myself and what equipment I've got,
I've got two telescopes one is
8' Newtonian sky-watcher 1000mm
EQ5 mount
sky-watcher star travel 4' Refractor
atik 16ic ccd camera mono
LRGB filters / H-Alpha 12nm Astronomik
Oxygen 0-iii   Nebula UHC
Nautilus motorized filter wheel
Canon 1100D.
My Question is, when you stack the filters, I've read somewhere, when you start to stack filters , do you stack all (R) with (L) together (G) with (L) together (B) with (L) together  in DSS then go into Ps, or other software to stack them further is this right, or is there other ways of stacking them?

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Re: My Equiment
« Reply #1 on: 01:26:05, 27 May, 2017 »
Hi Malcolm....

Great set of equipment there..... my beaten up ol' 8" Skywatcher has been chugging along for 15 yrs now.... often used as collimation demos or what a newtonian looks like dismantled.... still gives great views....

Can't help with DSS as I don't use it... but for filtered images.... normally, you stack all the same filters to create a master stack of each....  so all R,  all G, all B & all L...

Then the (L)RGB are combined using some mechanism within the processing program which allows yous to stipulate the amount or weight for each colour channel....

Web Images

Offline Malcolm L

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Re: My Equiment
« Reply #2 on: 15:26:34, 28 May, 2017 »
thank Phil for advice, not had much time this last few days with working , up early  :(  i did go out the other night and got the (NGC 6888 )crescent nebula , only got a few images of it , had chance to stack them yet.

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Re: My Equiment
« Reply #3 on: 00:03:57, 29 May, 2017 »
There's lot's of tutorials around for creating colour images Malcolm... here's one for doing it in PS... it's quite an old version of PS but the methodology is the same.


Scopes: Astro-Tech AT-111EDT Triplet, TS65ED Quad, Orion ST80, Modded PST-90 Solar Scope, PST Cak (on loan)
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Offline Malcolm L

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Re: My Equiment
« Reply #4 on: 21:35:09, 30 May, 2017 »
thank you for the web site  S, i have saved the site to my file ,also I've got a book called the new CCD Astronomy by Ron Wodaski
 I had just a quick look through it, it says about colour imaging with filters.


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