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Author Topic: New start but Atik or QHY?  (Read 599 times)

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New start but Atik or QHY?
« on: 00:25:19, 29 June, 2017 »
as I wrote in introduction section, I'm an italian freelance photographer and I'm not new in the world of astrophotography, I'm just a bit blighted  :laugh:
Since two years I'm not "in the business", I had problem with my QHY10 (now it's dead), I was still living with my parents, I had my final exams at university so I just gave up with astrophotography because I had not time for that, the last two years travelling into the tornado alley to chase storms definitively took all my time!
Now everything is different, since next september I'll have time again, more space in my new house and a new job, so I want to start again with this gorgeous passion!
QHY10 was for me a good deal, large sensor, single shot colour, good resolution for printings and easy to use, but now I don't want to buy again the same model, I want to start with something new, so I decided to discover the power of monochromatic sensor, I think it's a good choice for better images from my balcony...I live in a very small city, the light pollution is low, but anwyway I have it and a mono sensor can help!
As I said previously, I'm a photography, for me "size counts", I don't want a small sensor with large pixels and in the same time I don't want a large sensor with small pixels: form what I need an APS-C sensor is the perfect deal, so I searched something mono with this size but I didn't find it, so I did one step more and look for APS-H...not a FF because I had a lot of vignetting with old 5DmkII and the flattining at the corner was not perfect!
I could choose a smaller sensor like KAF8300, I know it works good but the 4/3 size isn't good for my focal lenght, I would use it on a 400mm but not in a 600mm, stupid example: I don't want to loose parts for example of M31 or M42  :laugh:
In the world of APS-H I fell in love for 16200 sensor, and I looked at Atik and my doubts comes!
Atik 16200 needs 2" filters and a filter wheel, the QHY16200A already has the filter wheel and just need filters, but anyway the price of this one is higher than Atik, but I don't understand why?!...more than 1300€ just for a filter wheel?! I don't think so!
I think there is something in hardware and electronic that's much better in QHY than Atik, also if I find it difficult to belive, online I just find a lot of test with QHY16200A but nothing (or just few) with Atik 16200.
So I make it easy, the sensor is the same and it looks good for me, good resolution, 6nm pixels, good cooling sistem, so which one would you buy between Atik and QHY?
I hope you can help me, thanks  :tease: || NEQ-6 Pro | Celestron C8 | TS 909T APO FPL-53 | Tecnosky APO ED 66/400| Daystar Quark | DMK41 | QHY5-II | QHY10

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Re: New start but Atik or QHY?
« Reply #1 on: 08:09:14, 29 June, 2017 »

We have a couple of Atik 16200 users on here that I am sure will wade in. The 16200 chip release is fairly new so experience is limited.

Just to add another option to the list, QSI now do a 16200 camera. Probably the most expensive of the 3 but it does give you another option.

Atiks support is first rate and should you have to return something, they are in Europe ( at the moment at least) so that is a consideration.

Personally I would go for the Atik, its on my shopping list!

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Re: New start but Atik or QHY?
« Reply #2 on: 09:15:52, 29 June, 2017 »
Hi Eddy, as Chris mentions there are a couple of 16200 users on the forum, I am one (Atik 16200).  Just to add to the list of possible alternatives here is another:

You can "just" get away with 36mm unmounted filters with the Atik EFW2/16200 but have to calibrate with flats for sure.  However that said I have switched my 36mm x 7 carousel in my Atik EFW2 for my 5 x 2" carousel, which probably says the better way to go. Atik are bringing out a 2" filter wheel with 7 slots, date to be confirmed. Of course depending on what you want to image i.e. either broadband or narrowband you could select the EFW2 2", but are limited to 5 slots. So costs of the FW and filters will need to be factored in.

Here is a link to the new Atik FW under development:

I would also mention that with a 35mm diagonal you are going to need a flat image circle so the scope/flattener combination will need to be correct for this chip. The camera is quite a weight, especially with a FW/Filters, electronic focuser etc so a decent focuser is a must.  Therefore if your scope/focuser or flattener are not up to the job, I suspect you will need to think again.

The Atik does have a good cooling range -50 below ambient, useful during those hot summer nights.

I have owned QHY, Atik and SX cameras over the years and they have all worked fine.  However, the point Chris raises about servicing and European based manufactures/dealers/suppliers is worthy of note if your camera ever has to go away for repair etc.

Overall I am very happy with my camera, but only got to use it at the very tail end of the last imaging season so you can imagine I am ready for the new season to start  with eager anticipation.

You also need a laptop that runs at least Windows 7 or 10, my old but trusty XP laptop now sits in a cupboard. 

HTH Jim 
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Re: New start but Atik or QHY?
« Reply #3 on: 10:03:01, 29 June, 2017 »
Thanks for your fast replies :)
Yes I am also thinking about the field flattener, I remember when I used the 5DmkII that it worked fine, mayve it's time to change my 2" with a 2.5" but that means to change focuser too, so I think it's better to test it before...of course if you say for experince that a 2" field flattener is the wrong way, I will change without testing :) so just tell me!

At the moment I am not interesting in narrowband, I think RGB or LRGB is good for me, so a 5 position wheel for 2" filters will match perfectly...I want to try the technique to shot RGB one by one, not (for example) 20x500" R then G then B, but 1x500" R, then G and then B, and then start again with R.... I was talking about this with a friend and he told me that it's a good way to make a uniform background color from city center!

By they way, Atik is also my first choice, I had so many problem with QHY10 inside the sensor chamber and the service is in China so it takes so much time and money when it's out of warranty, EU looks easier :)

I think with you I can choose the right product :)

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