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Author Topic: Astromart - my experience  (Read 23715 times)

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Re: Astromart - my experience
« Reply #60 on: 08:46:31, 16 May, 2008 »
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Re: Astromart - my experience
« Reply #61 on: 15:06:56, 16 May, 2008 »

mojo :D
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Re: Astromart - my experience
« Reply #62 on: 15:34:01, 01 October, 2008 »
The early encouragement I received with my rubbish deep-sky shots kept me plodding on, and you'll all be aware of what the Parker/Carboni double team are producing today.  I knew my early efforts weren't up to the best out there, but I still thought they were pretty good -  even if today I think they ARE rubbish.  If anybody had said the images were rubbish on the forums I would almost certainly have given up this wonderful hobby - the fact is that NOBODY ever said my early images were rubbish and I think that says something pretty good about the vast majority of people who share this hobby and who contribute to the forums.  It is very easy to be destructive and discouraging, it is very hard to be creative.

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Re: Astromart - my experience
« Reply #63 on: 07:02:43, 07 October, 2008 »
 Bang on Greg, you said it.  I for one am very grateful that talent like yours and Noel's got encouraged here and other places, to generate the stunning work you have been putting out.

 Oi vei, I missed a lot of fun back in may, didn't I? Glad I didn't answer Steve, and much appreciate the kind words others have put in for me.  I don't ned to beat this dead horse any longer, but Steve, if you read this, I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the situation... I understand that others would read it differently, I really do, but I can't imagine how anyone would have interpreted my initial email as aggressive or disrespectful.  I was actually trying to help the guy and the fellow members as well, there was nothing for me to gain or lose by posting or not posting that email.

 Oh well, water under the bridge. 

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Re: Astromart - my experience
« Reply #64 on: 07:22:23, 07 October, 2008 »
Nice to hear from you Dan 8)

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Re: Astromart - my experience
« Reply #65 on: 06:50:04, 15 February, 2014 »
Stopped using that heap of S***H a while back. Can't believe he is still in business.
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