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Author Topic: Eclipsing binary star AD And  (Read 533 times)

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Eclipsing binary star AD And
« on: 16:51:15, 03 September, 2017 »
Had a go at another eclipsing binary star last night. AD Andromeda. I was lucky to catch the minimum as the BAA website predicted it was around 11 pm UT. It actually occurred at around 1.00am BST when luckily I was still taking images. I stopped earlier than I would have liked but with this game you don't see the results until they are processed. It was still clear when I stopped but I thought it was all over at that time. I will try to get the remainder of the curve another time. The orbital period is 0.986 days so the minimum will occur a little earlier each day. Note the time scale on the graph is UT (universal time = GMT)

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Re: Eclipsing binary star AD And
« Reply #1 on: 21:35:39, 04 September, 2017 »
Another nice study Dave !!


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