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Author Topic: Plate Solving in PRISM  (Read 342 times)

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Plate Solving in PRISM
« on: 22:00:05, 26 November, 2017 »

I’ve been looking at PRISM as the all-in-one astrophotography software it is marketed as, and I have to say it’s absolutely awesome!

I’ve yet to test is out fully. I’m a relative novice, maybe 3-4 months into DSO AP (previously visual only), and this software ticks all of my boxes (and some!!) what’s more it is certainly “future-proof” for me, when I eventually get a garden observatory dome.

I’m the kind of person that will research a topic quite thoroughly (usually) before taking a leap...

I wanted to share this tutorial / example of what PRISM can do for plate-solving.


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