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Author Topic: Mount power supply  (Read 99 times)

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Offline Ian Straton

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Mount power supply
« on: 12:59:29, 09 July, 2018 »
Quick poll:
1.How many people are currently or have in the past run an HEQ5 (pro/synscan/syntrek) using a bench power supply without output supply at 13.8v?

2. Of those who have run the setup in 1. how many of you have suffered failed control boards in your mount while running from said power supply?

3. Of those who have had a failure as described in 2. how many have suffered repeat failures?

currently in discussions with a shop who are suggesting that since the HEQ5 documentation says simply 12v (rather than a range of values) that the recent failures I have suffered may be due to over voltage as my PSU is 13.8v not 12v...

Offline petevasey

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Re: Mount power supply
« Reply #1 on: 16:51:26, 09 July, 2018 »
Hi, Ian,

My main 'Star Party' mount is actually an EQ6, but same family of course.  And I use a switched mode power supply, 5 amps maximum output with a range of voltages but set at 13.5 volts.  No problems, and have now been using it for several years, also powering dew heaters (uncontrolled so no spikes).  It is a Maplin supplied unit, their reference L11BQ.  This one, but of course no longer available since the unfortunate demise of Maplin.  Some floating around on ebay etc., and of course similar units available from other sources.

Incidentally, my manual states "The EQ6 SkyScan should be powered by 11 - 15V DC power supply".  In any event, many people use lead-acid batteries which when fully charged produce 13.8 volts.  I reckon your shop is trying to dodge the issue  :pirate:  Indeed I found that when using the 12 volt setting on my power supply, occasionally the power light would flash indicating low voltage, probably because of voltage drop in the supply cable when both motors were slewing.  Which is why I now have it set at 13.5 volts.

If I had to replace mine, I'd probably go for this one even though it costs a fair bit more than my existing unit:


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